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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Whole New World in Age Of Empires III

Age of Empires III will be a whole new world. It is by far the most anticipated role playing game of 2005. The three reasons why I think you should play this game is the plot, graphics, and real time physics.

The object of Age of Empires III is totally new: to explore the New World. You have a home city back in Europe (a new concept) where supplies and military can be sent across the ocean.

An ocean away you begin your colony. Make alliances with different Native tribes by accomplishing what they want. You do that and you have control of that tribe as well (i.e. you expand your military). Meanwhile, your opponent is doing the exact same thing.

As you play more games you get the choice of upgrading parts of your home city, such as military, artillery, buildings or unlocking brand new types of the aforementioned.


The graphics in this game set the bar higher for any strategy game out there. If you've seen the screenshots you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen the screenshots check them out.

I was stunned when I saw them. The water is so real: it foams near the shoreline, it shows the shadow of a ship on top of it, or the shadow of an overhanging cliff. Ensemble Studios set aside a whole programmer for water and it shows.

Everything is more detailed: people, buildings, surroundings, and animals all look real.

Real Time Physics

Here is the really fun part. In Age of Empires II destruction looked the same, and any projectile just crashed into the building and dissappeared, or into people and killed them instantly.

Well, say good-bye to that. In Age of Empires III real time physics is used. That means that cannonballs don't just hit a target and disappear, no it means they bounce and richochet.

In other words you could fire a cannonball at a building, and the ball goes through the building bounces and then kills more people on the other side. Pretty neat!

And when cannonballs hit people they'll go flying. If your lucky you could send them going over a cliff.

Also no building is destroyed the same way twice. The destruction also interacts with the surroundings. Let's say you hit a tower off a building it then falls into the water, which in turn ripples.

You will never be tired of this game, with its stunning realism, real time phyisics and unique destruction. Age of Empires III has brought its game to a whole new level so you can explore a whole new world!

More info on the game and screenshots go to Age of Empires III Official Website.
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