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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Apple to Release 'Major' News

Well, Apple is going to release some big news. is reportedly saying that Apple sent invitations to reporters for a special event occurring on September 7.

The invitation reads as follows:

"1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again."

So, what could be the next thing that 'changes everything'.

Well, rumor has it that it could be any of the following.

  1. The expansion of iTunes to play popular music videos and/or a Video iPod.

  2. Samsung has been reportedly giving as much as 40% of dedication of it's flash memory production to iPod. Could a larger-capacity version of Apple's flash-based Shuffle player, or even the switch of the iPod Mini to a flash-based technology be in the works?

  3. Could an iTunes-compatible mobile phone coming out? Motorola is going to start ship it's iTunes cell phone in September. said of the rumors:

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg cautioned against expecting anything too far out of Apple's existing product line, saying that a video iPod is unlikely. The iTunes-compatible phone is a likely candidate, he said, but added that the company could have surprises in store.

But rumors are just rumors, and analysts can say what they want. It's only Apple that knows what's about to come. Let's hope they surprise us well.

This is definitely some good news we're hearing about Apple ever since the Microsoft vs. Apple iPod patent dispute.


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  • I just read the news over on ThinkSecret...the official word is the iPod minis going to flash memory and the iTunes phone from Motorola (which is being carried by Cingular).

    By Anonymous edgar, at 9:48 PM  

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