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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How to Create a Good Password

Many of us face the problem of passwords. We have them for accounts on the internet, online bank accounts, or for our jobs. But how do we create a good, strong, hack-proof (well nothing is totally hack proof) password that will keep a hacker busy for a long time?

Well, the first thing to do is not to make you password, "password". A lot of people to this. IBM stated that 40% of all computer users use the word password as their password.

Secondly, never name your password after your pet, wife, husband, child, birthday, or any personal information. Why?

Well, anyone can get access to that information. Think about it. If I was trying to get into your account at work and I knew you those would be the first entries that I would put in - after password.

Here are some tips on creating a good password:

Add Numbers and Symbols in Your Password

I think I read somewhere that just adding a single number after the word in your number throws off a hacker for seven years. So add a number like 9 or a symbol (&).

The more the better. For example "TechGuru1" would be an easier password to hack then "T3chG!r!34".

Yes, it may seem like a mess, but if you have something to protect make sure you do it well.

Make Your Word An Acronym of A Sentence

This makes it even harder for a hacker because the password isn't a word, but a bunch of seemingly random letters.

Pick a sentence that has numbers and symbols (See above).

For example: Johhny rode his bike @ 3 o'clock today.

That becomes: Jrhb@3ot.

Try cracking that! It makes it very easy to remember, because each letter represents a word.

Make one up for yourself and use it!

Change Your Password Often

That pretty much says everything. Change it often. The more often the better. And make sure those passwords are strong.

In the end, no password can realistically be hackproof, but doing your part will make the hacker's game harder and longer.


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