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Thursday, September 01, 2005

HMV to Get Into Legal Music Downloading Market

HMV, the music giant, announced on Thursday its new downloading service. The new service will be competing with Apple and Virgin.

The new service, called HMV Digital, is only going to be available in the UK. It launches on Monday, September 5, 2005.

As for the cost of each download, music can be downloaded for as low as ($1.06 US). However, for the cost of $27(US) per month you can have unlimited downloads.

But, get this: songs downloaded under that plan are wiped out if the subscription isn't renewed.. Crazy stuff.

I think they don't want people cheating them. That is using that as a one time thing so they can download 10,000 songs.

In the future HMV Digital is hoping to add video.

How good or bad will this service be? Well, they have come late into this market so they did have the time to see how they could improve service.

In reality, we'll just have to wait and see.

(Source: MSN Money)

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