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Friday, November 11, 2005

Apple: 20 Days 1 Million Videos

Well with the release of the new iPod, dubbed the video iPod, people have apparently been downloaded tons of videos - and legally.

iTunes online now allows a person to download shows such as Desperate Housewives, and Lost ($1.99).

Music fans are also enjoy the ability to download music videos from artists such as Michael Jackson, Fatboy Slim, and Kanye West.

Apple has stated that within 20 days, it has sold 1 million videos.

I don't know about you but that's a lot of videos. This fact shows that people are not only likely to download videos, but also to do so legally.

As we all know legal downloads are always good for the music and TV industries.

Apple is allegedly in negotiations with other TV networks to allow their shows to also be downloaded on iTunes.

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