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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now For Adults Only

After much pressure from Senator Hillary Clinton, the National Institute on the Media and the Family, and many others the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) that gives ratings to video games gave the newest in the lineup of GTA games an adults only label.

This means that you won't be seeing this game at retail stores where minors could have access to them.

Wednesday's decision was due to the fact that independant programmers found a explicit scene in the game which Rockstar Games says was not meant to be part of the game in the first place.

Patricia Vance, the president of the ESRB, said that this was the first time the board had ever changed the rating of a game that had already been released.

Rockstar Games' spokesman, Rodney Walker, explains how this whole situation occured:

"An artist makes a painting, then doesn't like the first version and paints over the canvas with a new painting, right? That's what happened here. Hackers on the Internet made a program that scratches the canvas to reveal an earlier draft of the game."

Players are able to unlock this hidden scene by downloading a program from the internet (called a MOD).

In a way I can't really feel sorry for them because they are creating violent and explicit video games.

On the other hand though, Rockstar Games will most likely pay by lost sales in the time their product is taken off the shelves, for a situation that they didn't intentionally want to occur.

Rockstar Games is now reporting that it will stop the manufacturing of the current game and release a newer version as soon as possible.

Retail stores have taken the game off the shelves but Walmart will bring it back on the market when the new version is available.

Two-two, the company which owns Rockstar Games was seeking legal action against those who modified and changed the game.

This is sure to a significant ripple in the game industry. I think game makers will have to make their game very difficult to modify or even make it illegal.

I think it should be illegal considering the fact that the game is the property of the company, one should not be able to change or modify the game unless they are allowed.


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