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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The iRiver iFP795T 512 MB MP3 Player.

The iRiver IFP795T is quite the mp3 player. It includes and mp3 player, and an AM and FM tuner!

How many songs can you put on this mp3 player. Well, the iRiver iFP795T has 512 MB of space. So if an average song is around 4MB, you could put on roughly 128 songs.

It's portability and small size is perfectly ideal for using it anywhere: while walking, jogging, running, or just about anywhere.

The great thing about the iRiver is you know that you are getting quality. It's not worth spending a small amount for a cheap mp3 player that will be useless in a couple of months.

The iRiver IFP790T is in the middle of the league - right where most people should buy their technology.

So what are the specs of this baby? Check them out:

Battery Life (Extra Important): 40 hours of continuous play.
Battery Required: 1 AA
Computer Interface: USB 2.0
Earbuds Included: Yes
Total Memory: 512 MB
Total weight: 37g
Track Search: Yes
Voice Recorder: Yes

Now how much does this baby cost? It runs for about $170 CAD.

If you are looking for something cheaper or you just don't need that much disk space be sure to check out the The iRiver iFP790T 256 MB mp3 player.

Hey, this baby looks good and you sure won't be disappointed by this mp3 player!

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