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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Play Video Games And Excercise At The Same Time With The BK-A6 From NexFit

You love playing video games and you need to exercise, but it's too boring. Well now you can exercise and play games all at the same time.

NexFit's BK-A6 is a exercise bike with a twist - it makes you play video games while you exercise.

Here's how it works:

You first have to install the software that comes with it when you buy it.

Then you need to hook up the bike to your computer.

Once you have done that you load the software and then load your game.

This technology works best with racing games. So let's say you're running Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

There is a joystick hooked up to the right handle bar of the bike. You use that to move the car in the direction you wish. The joystick's sensitivity is adjustable.

The pedals are used to actually move the car. The faster you pedal the faster the car goes. Pedal in reverse and the car reverses.

Kinda neat.

What's Hot

- Allows you to play video games while you excercise.
- Fun for all ages.
- Has customizable settings.
What's Not

- It is pricey (around $3000 CAD)
- The bike has to be connected to the computer (i.e. it's not wireless)
- It works great for racing games only. So you can't play a shooter game with this bike.

You can check out the BK-A6 exercise bike at

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