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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Suicidal Text Messages

Everyone enjoys privacy and sometimes when we want to tell someone something private, we hope no one else finds out about it.

Find out how a company in UK has tackled this problem with text messages.

Staellium, the company, designed a service that allows you to send a self destructable text (or SMS) message to someone else.

Once the receiver open up the message and reads it, the message will self destruct in 40 seconds.

This service is very useful for business people, or celebrities who want to make sure that nothing incriminating gets leaked.

Of course, if you have a special secret you want to send off via text message, then you may also be interested.

Nothing, however, can be totally secret. A log of what the message contained needs to be stored in a secure server for legal reasons.

That message will never be accessed unless, it involved something against the law and in which case wouldn't be secret after all.

The service does cost about 88 cents per message and the suicidal messages must be bought in a pack of 10.

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