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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Well, EA Games has yet again come out with a winner. If you've stuck with the Need For Speed series then you will love this game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted challenges the player to become the most notorious street car racer on the streets of Rockport.

Take the customization of cars from Underground and Underground 2 and mix that with the adrenaline pumping Hot Pursuit series and you get - Need for Speed Most Wanted.

The game features cars such as BMW M3, Porsche Cayman S and Lamborghini Gallardo to Mazda RX-8, Ford Mustang GT and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Most Wanted allows you to customize these beauties inside and out.

Also Need For Speed Most Wanted introduces new gameplay.

Cops strategically pursue the user and the user needs to use skill to evade the cops.

You just can't shake 'em off like you used to.

Need For Speed Most Wanted also introduces the Blacklist and the Rap Sheet.

The Blacklist makes the player want to rise to the top and become the top illicit street racer by beating out other top racers.

The Rap Sheet is built by breaking record times, challenging players on the street, and, of course, evading the cops.

The graphics in this game are amazing and more visually stunning. The layout has more of an industrial/urban look to it which makes sense for this type of game.

And of course we can't forget about the cars (they also look stunning). There are cars for each type of illicit racer:


You can tune cars like crazy. Cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer, if tuned correctly, can battle it out with the luxury cars.

There are plenty of cars to tune to and allow you to outrun the cops. Also each car can be totally customized in terms of visuals.


The game also allows you to listen to the cop scanner which is always on. You are able to know where the cops are and what strategies they are gonna use to bust ya.

Listen up if you want to make it out alive.

Cars like the Mustang GT are great for it's power and tire burning fun.

High End

If you like high end then you are gonna love the Lamborghini Gallardo. It's sleek and sexy and provides tire burning power. Take this baby out for a ride!

Overall Need For Speed Most Wanted looks like a real winner. There is no doubt that this game will provide adrenaline pumping and heart stopping moments for months to come.

Find out more information on the Most Wanted website!

Tech Guru Rates This 4.5 out of 5

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