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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Registry Mechanic: Fixes Those Registry Problems

Well, I was looking for something to download. I love programs and I stumbled upon this regsitry cleaner called Registry Mechanic.

This thing is awesome!

I once downloaded a second rate registry cleaner and it told me that I had no problems.

But when you install, download, or use your computer over a while (mine is almost 2 years old) registry errors are bound to occur.

Regsitry Mechnic is a good solution to your registry problems. It scans for 12 different things:

  • Custom Controls

  • Software Locations

  • Regsitry Integrity

  • Windows Fonts

  • Help And Resources

  • Shared DLL's (Registered Version)

  • Startup Programs (Registered Version)

  • Add/Remove Programs (Registered Version)

  • Virtual Devices (Registered Version)

  • Program Shortcuts (Registered Version)

  • File Extensions (Registered Version)

  • Deep Scan (Registered Version)

You are able to fix certain problems with the free version, but you have to register and buy the product ($29.95) and then you are able to fix all of those problems.

On my first scan I found over 250 problems. So, you can just imagine how many are on your computer.

The interface is easy to follow and similar to Spyware Docter (made by the same company: PC Tools)

Registry Mechanic also automatically creates a restore point so in the event that something goes wrong you can restore the computer.

You can also choose to optimize your system, which improves your system's performance or compact and optimize your registry.

Registry Mechanic claims to be the most popular registry cleaner and highly trusted.
To date it has had over 15 million downloads.

With many options available Registry Mechanic is one powerful tool to cleaning your regsitry.

To download Registry Mechanic directly:

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