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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Worm Alert: Zotob

Another worm is on the loose and creating much havoc all over the world. The Zotob worm has reportedly attacked CNN and ABC along with banks.

The Zotob worm also has turned very ugly as many of its variants have also been found floating around and wreaking havoc.

Zotob is a worm that is spread through a flaw in Windows Plug and Play Buffer Overflow.

The system that is most affected is the Windows 2000 platform. The virus is able to run on most platforms and while it may not infect your computer it could be used to infect other computers.

The Zotob worm is also a network worm which means it can infect whole networks once a computer has been victimized.

You can visit this page on Microsoft's website to download the appropriate patch for you operating system.

Hopefully, you won't be affected by the Zotob worm.

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