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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Is the PC Losing Ground as a Gaming Platform?

When games were first made, many enjoyed playing them on their computers.

I remember when I was 5, I played these games on an old Mac. To this day I love playing games on my computer as I'm sure many out there do.

However, game consoles have totally changed the gaming world. Consoles have literally become computers and most games are available for any and all consoles.

Before, consoles weren't a big threat. They we're great because you can put the game on your TV screen, but the graphics were pathetic.

And portable game devices such as GameBoy, we're even uglier in terms of graphics.

But the scene has changed. With the new releases of both the XBOX and PlayStation which make a great product amazing, and the PSP has changed the whole look of portable gaming devices.

The exceptional graphics that all those three devices (among others) provide are better or equal to a computer's graphics.

XBOX and PlayStation can both connect to a network so that one can play with other human players, something that computers were good for.

There still are games out there that are played purely on the computer, for example Age of Empires, but I feel that the computer as a gaming platform has lost it's ground to other great consoles and devices.

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  • Until consoles get a mouse, they will never own first person shooters, though. It's just too tough to aim with those joysticks.
    The only console firt person shooters I've ever liked is Metroid Prime and it's sequeal.
    And since that genre rains supreme, computer gaming will be around for a long time still.

    By Blogger The Shadow That Kicked Your Pansy Face In, at 9:37 PM  

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