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Saturday, August 13, 2005 - A Hilarious Website

All around us we see the effects of the gangsta culture: the style of dress, the souped up cars and yes . . . even a new language!

Yes, we all have witnessed 'gangstas' on TV talking some sort of language that is supposed be English except no one understands what they're talking about.

Well is going to change all of that. If you want to learn this sophisticated and highly intellectual language or you are a young guy like myself who knows a little bit of gangsta talk then you might want to check this site out. allows you to choose a web page and then translates it into Gangsta talk.

So choose your favorite web page (maybe even your own) and stick it in. What comes out is often hilarious.

I tried it on my own site and I got the Gangsta Tech Guru Blog. I'm guessing that Gizoogle goes in and changes certain words, because there still remains structure and sentence in the translated page.

If you want to translate some text of your own click on the link "Textilizer", then write something down and select Translate this Text. Instantly, you'll be reading gangsta talk.

And you can even download a program that translates your instant messages into "Tizzle Talk".

So, check out and stizzay rhymin' like a brotha (for all who don't know that's: start talking like a ganster)!


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