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Friday, August 12, 2005

Sony's PCGAWMS5S VAIO® Wireless Optical Mouse

I was checking out yesterday (I love that website) and I came across this beautiful mouse. Most of the time a mouse isn't a big thing because it's the computer that's more important.

It is kind of like living in a dump but owning a Ferrari. However, you're still entitled to drool when you see a Ferrari even if you live in a dump. So, that is what I'm going to do today (and no I don't live in a dump for those who ask). We're going to look at Sony's PCGAWMS5S VAIO® wireless optical mouse.

As you can see the sleek design of this VAIO mouse is a work of art. Its silver look definitely stands out from the drab white and black mice that are out there.

Sony claims that its unique reflective coating along the bottom of the mouse mirrors the color underneath which then creates the illusion that the mouse is floating.

Okay, enough drooling everyone. Let's look at the technical aspects of the PCGAWMS5S VAIO® wireless optical mouse.

It has a high performance engine (800 dpi resolution) which is able to capture 4.7 mega pixels of information per second. That helps the mouse to track any quick motions you make.

It also comes with a USB receiver that offers the best reception.

Along with that Sony's PCGAWMS5S VAIO® wireless optical mouse also comes with a short cable for those using it on a notebook and a long one for a person using this mouse on a PC.

That way you won't get stuck with lots of cord which is exactly what this mouse is meant to eliminate in the first place.

With 4095 ID codes the mouse help to eliminate any radio interference.

All in all, this is definitely a very cool mouse. I love it. If you want more info you can follow the link to take you directly to Sony's PCGAWMS5S VAIO® wireless optical mouse on

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