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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogs Attacked By Comment Spam!

Spammers have attacked every avenue of the Internet. From our e-mail accounts to hijacking forums spammers are becoming a serious pain in the you-know-where.

In a previous post I ranted about how I hate spam. Well, I'm not going to do that here, but I will inform you on a newer type of attack that is going on, perhaps hidden to you or maybe open and naked if you have seen this before.

Many of us write blogs. Blogs (Online diaries that vary on topic from bird watching to politics) have taken off within the last couple of years.

Hey, you're reading this right? As the owner of a blog we enjoy getting comments (be it good or bad) about what we have written.

Spammers though have hijacked this avenue. They now post comments that vary in length from a couple of sentences to almost half a page long that talk about pharmaceutical pills, manhood extenders and any topic not related to the blog.

That's why bloggers (including myself) have had to put in tougher measures such as word verification to ensure that the comment is from a reader and not a spammer.

I find it sad that my readers or skimmers :) have to take that extra and sometimes annoying step when leaving a comment.

I hope that those who read this will continue to contribute to blogs and leave meaningful comments.

It is always the good and innocent that pay the price. The spammers wreak the havoc but it's you out there who are inconvenienced.

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  • Yeppers. many of my daily readers are using that now.

    By Blogger bubba, at 5:45 PM  

  • hate them too. they inflate my comment box. i simply ignore it for they being so invasive.

    By Blogger The Commentator, at 7:18 PM  

  • I'm know the spam is one pain and comment spam is very frustrating and annoying. I've been deleting more then keeping lately. I had the word verification on but noticed it is not working and allowing people to post at blogger many times:(

    By Anonymous BlogCruiser, at 4:20 PM  

  • Agreed. I've taken a powerful initiative against comment spamming with several great anti-spam plugins for my wordpress blog.

    By Anonymous Paul Stamatiou, at 3:03 AM  

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