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Monday, August 01, 2005

Cellphones Fight Crime

Almost everyone has a cellphone, or are thinking of getting one. In the beginning, they were used to make phone calls.

People liked that because they felt safe. In case a crime occured you could call for help anywhere, anytime.

But now with added technology a cellphone is even more capable of fighting crime.

For example, one can take pictures with a cellphone. While, that is mostly used to take pictures of friends and family having fun, it could also come in handy when an emergency occurs.

In one case, a child was kidnapped and put in the backseat of a car, but unaware to the kidnapper she had taken a photo of him and when she escaped it didn't take long for the police to nab him.

One cannot have a camera on him at all times, but everyone has a cellphone.

Video capabilties on a cellphone are a great feature, but they also can fight crime by actually filming part of the event taking place.

While the quality of the pictures or the video may be pretty low, rest assured that as technology advances so will the quality. And when they do they could help to fight crime.

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