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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Liv™ TV/Weather/FM/AM 4 Band CD Clock RadioICF-CD855LIV2

This is a great gadget just because it doubles . . .no make that quadruples up with three other gadgets: a clock, a radio and a CD player and one can even listen to tv audio.

But what's even better is the fact the designers didn't make this gadget take up a lot of space. It's so compact.

The Liv CD Clock Radio is nicely designed, but its features are what make this CD clock radio a real winner.

The Liv CD Clock Radio provides an enjoyable listen to radio plus it also can play audio from TV channels 2-13 (that's neat, eh?), as well it can keep you up to date wit the weather from your local Weather Band.

There are 25 presets available on the Liv CD Clock Radio: 10 for radio stations, 5 for TV and 5 for weather.

The Liv CD Clock Radio can playback both CD-Rs and CD-RWs,

The Liv CD Clock Radio offers many sleep features. For example, it has gentle sleep. It will play music or the radio and gradually reduce the volume until it's off.

It also has a Nap Timer. This feature allows you to set the radio to go off from anywhere from 10-120 minutes so you can nap and still get up when you need to.

Another neat feature is that the lid on this radio allows you to see the CD you are playing so you don't have to constantly open and close the lid to figure out what CD you're playing.

Finally, what makes Liv CD Clock Radio so amazing is that it packs so much into such a small space making it a total steal.

Follow the link if you'd like more information on the Liv™ TV/Weather/FM/AM 4 Band CD Clock RadioICF-CD855LIV2.

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