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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Google Adsense Isn't The Only Kid In The Park Anymore

Google's Adsense program is arguably the most popular ad program web publishers use.
It's simplicity and minimal restrictions (i.e. no minimum impression quota etc.) make it a favorite of many publishers.

However, it seems that Yahoo is the new kid on the block and things are gonna get real messy.

For those who have never heard of this program I'll try to explain it simply.

Advertisers pay a certain amount of money to have Google publish their ads in AdSense.

Publisher, like myself, display these ads and when someone clicks on the add Google recieves a share of the profit and a share goes to the publisher.

There are many similar programs out there, but as I previously mentioned Google's Adsense is by far the most popular.

Yahoo though has introduced its beta testing of a similar program: It's going to be called the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

Obviously, this means more money for Yahoo and maybe less money for Google.

I think if Yahoo wants to succeed at this they have to make their program better than Google. . . and they've had two whole years to study this thing.

People may switch if they see that one can make more profit at Yahoo instead of Google.

I believe this is going to shake up the publisher and advertiser world.

For advertisers the dilemma is created: do I advertise in both or just Google or Yahoo?

And for publishers: Which is more profitable and which ad program targets better from the content I display.

Either way this will shake the Internet up a little, and for the good I say. Competition always means better quality.

It's going to be a great fight. We'll just have to see if it's Google or Yahoo who wins!

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  • Yahoo does have their work cut out, but they might be able to do it. For the moment i'll stick with google

    By Blogger Shola, at 1:20 AM  

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