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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Take Shortcuts With AutoHotKey

Ever wish you could take shortcuts on that beloved PC of yours? Well now you can.

This free software can combine any keys or mouse clicks into a hotkey that does a certain action.

The possibilities are really endless with this free software.

A lot of tasks take up way too much time when you are on the computer.

For example, with Auto HotKey you could adjust the volume or mute it all together, use your joystick or keyboard as a mouse, change settings to your soundcard, alter the properties of open windows (height etc.), customize the tray menu with your own icons.

But the really cool thing is time saving while you type. Everyone hates righting out long words and that's we use short form.

This program can turn "ttyl" into "talk to you later". Pretty neat. If that's the only reason you'll download this software, do it.

Get it at

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