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Friday, September 23, 2005

Google Earth Beats Archaeologists to Roman Villa

Well, this Roman Villa was found without the aid of archaeologists. In fact, it was a computer programmer in Italy that discovered the villa while using Google Earth.

Google Earth is a popular tool that people can use to view satellite images. In this case Luca Mori was viewing his town of Sorbolo when he noticed what appeared to be a villa in a nearby river bed.

"At first I thought it was a stain on the photograph, but when I zoomed in, I saw that there was something buried under the earth.", he revealed to London's Daily Telegraph.

Luca Mori then contacted archaeologists over the Internet and they said that the find could be a man made structure that is buried in the river bed.

Mr. Mori contacted the National Archeological Museum of Parma and they sent archaeologists to investigate the sighting.

Mr. Mori talked about the archaeologists thoughts after they viewed the find:

"At first they thought the site might be Bronze Age, but a closer inspection turned up ceramic and stone pieces that showed it was a Roman villa built some time just before the birth of Christ." (From China View Website)

archaeologistss are looking at digging the site but they must wait for approval of local authorities and residents.

Luca Mori's blog received so many hits that he has dedicated a websiteto let everyone know of the latest news around his discovery.


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