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Monday, September 19, 2005

Symantec: Firefox More Vulnerable Than Internet Explorer

Symantec has reported that Mozilla browsers, such as Firefox, are more vulnerable than Internet Explorer.

They do admit that hacker's are more focus on exploiting Internet Explorer than Firefox.

The conclusions come from the amount of confirmed vulnerabilities both browsers have had.

During the first half of this year Mozilla browsers have had 25 flaws - 18 of which were critical.

Internet Explorer on the other hand had only 13 confirmed flaws- 8 of which were critical.

One thing to note however is the way that Symantec confirms a flaw. It is confirmed only if it is done so by the vendor.

Another security company, Secunia, said that Internet Explorer has 19 unpatched flaws, while Mozilla browsers only have 3.

So, take your pick. Which is more secure. I'd still wager it's Firefox.


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