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Friday, September 16, 2005

Samsung SPH a860

I recently bought a the Samsung SPH a860. This phone is just your average phone that has the capabilities to be a whole lot more.

Now a lot of features depend on which company and specifically which company's plan you want to be on.

So let's begin. When the phone is closed (i.e. not flipped up) you can see a display screen.

On that screen things such as the time, date, signal strength, battery indicator and the like. There is also an antenna which you can extend if you wish.

When you flip open the phone, as seen in the image above, the display screen is much larger here.

Again similar things are shown such as the date, time, battery indicator and signal strength.

On top of that this screen becomes useful to tell you if you've missed calls, received a text message and so on.

You can also add a headset to this phone if you desire.

The Samsung SPH a860 contains the following features:

  • A Mobile Browser providing access to the Internet which then allows you to download ring tones, games or screen savers.

  • The Messaging section allows you to send a text message to a friend.

  • The organizer allows you to schedule upcoming events.

  • The Samsung SPH a860 also allows you to store up to 500 phone numbers.

So, in conclusion it's a pretty good phone, but it's not very high tech or fancy. If you are new to buying a cellphone I would recommend something like this.

I also would suggest that you go in person to see how the phone looks and play around with it a bit while you are there. Above all, read the manual!

It makes it easy to understand what the tiny icons mean and how to use your Samsung SPH a860 to it's fullest.

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