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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Apple Acknowledges iPod Nano Screen Says Not An Issue

The slick and slim iPod nano has undoubtedly has come in with a bang, maybe too much about the nano's defective screen.

I discussed the problem in a post on the new iPod nano.

The nano's screen can be easily scratched and the cries of iPod fans has made it's way all over Internet forums.

Apple has admitted that some iPod nanos have had their screen scratched or even cracked.

It says that the defect is minor and only occurs in less than one tenth of 1% of the all nanos they ship.

While this may be so, it hasn't been consoling news to those who have one of these defective nanos.

Tyler Hall, a web designer said, "I got my Nano a week and a half ago, and it was scratched within 30 minutes,". He has put up a website (

I checked it out. One of the first things I saw was a label on the back of the nano that read: Not For Pocket Use!

The owner of the site and other visitors feel that label should have been placed there.

Here were some of the stories written in to the website:

Lasted less than 2 hours in my shirt pocket before it was scratched. No keys or anything, just pure cloth and the extra cord from the headphones.

I don't believe that my nano scratched so fast, it is a terrible thing to happened to a so expensive electronic. It should come with a tube, come on we pay $250 and we cant get a tube to protect it.

This defect, though, will hit Apple in its pockets (wait that's where the problem started isn't it). Apple was anticipating earning $5 million dollars from sales of the new iPod nano.

unfortunately, that probably won't be the case. I think some might wait to buy the nano, until this little mess is fixed.

In the end I don't believe this defect is going to hurt Apple.

They will come through.

Apple has already begun replacing the defective iPod nano for free ( is reporting that an Apple's spokesman has stated that, "Any user with a defective screen should contact Apple ... and we will replace it for free") and on top of that protective cases are coming out.

So, if you have a nano don't put it in your pocket!

(Source: USA Today)

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  • I am amazed by the response to the nano scratching so quickly!!! I work for a company called OtterBox ( and we sell waterproof, interactive iPod cases. Our case for the nano doesn't come out till December, but I’ve posted some helpful links on our blog for how to protect your nano with a thin micro-film for now until our rugged case is available later this year.

    Best of luck keeping your nano scratch free…help is on the way!!!

    By Anonymous Kristin, at 3:11 PM  

  • DO they sell protective leather cases for these?

    By Blogger bschneider5, at 5:29 PM  

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